OSX Notes

We’re excited to announce that Exaile has experimental yet official support for OSX as of version 3.4.0, and is distributed in an official installer program. Current support for OSX is still considered experimental, and probably will continue to be until we migrate to GTK3.

Exaile has only been tested extensively on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. It may work on other versions of OSX, but they have not been tested.


On OSX, Exaile requires the GStreamer SDK Runtime to be installed, otherwise it will not function.

Download the SDK runtime for OSX here:

Or use this direct download link:

The default installation will allow the Exaile UI to work correctly, and should support playing many types of audio formats.

Install process

First, make sure that you have installed the GStreamer SDK.

Next, install Exaile like you would install any other OSX application.

  • Open the DMG file
  • Drag the Exaile application to the “Applications” folder

MP3 support

By default GStreamer SDK does not install support for MP3 files or certain other formats because of licensing issues. If you require support for these types of files, use the following procedure when installing GStreamer SDK.

  • Run the GStreamer installation package

  • Click continue

  • Click “Agree” to agree to the license agreement

  • Click “Install for all users of this computer”, and click “Continue”

  • Click “Customize”

  • Ensure the following package names are checked in addition to the defaults:
    • GStreamer codecs under the GPL license
    • GStreamer restricted codecs
    • GStreamer plugins for network protocols
  • Click Install, and it should do the install for you

Known issues

The OSX version is about as functional as the Windows version, so most things will work without any problems. The CD plugin and other device plugins will not work on OSX.

Transparency may not work.

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t mapped to the option/command keys, and are still mapped to CTRL.

GTK2 seems to have a lot of odd problems on OSX, such as combo boxes immediately switching when clicked. We anticipate that these will not be fixed until we migrate exaile to GTK3.