The following are ways you can get support or questions to answers you might have about using or developing Exaile.


If you believe you have found a bug, you can file bugs at Exaile’s github issue tracker You will need to register for a github account before you can post a bug report.

If you have an idea for an enhancement you can also file that at the github issue tracker. However, unless it’s something really simple, if you’re not willing to work on it then chances are it won’t get implemented.

Mailing lists

We run mailing lists for various purposes.

  • exaile-users - A list for people who use Exaile. Open to discussion between users to communicate and help each other. If you’re having trouble using Exaile, ask here.
  • exaile-devel - Our primary list for general development discussion. Questions about the code, plugin development, packaging, etc. should go here.


Exaile developers can be reached on #exaile channel on Freenode. The channel is not very active, but if you stick around long enough someone will probably answer your question – think in terms of email response time.


Response time in #exaile is typically measured in days. If you ask a question and leave in an hour, you probably won’t get an answer to your question. If you stay there, someone will eventually answer it! Or use email.