Release process

This is an attempt to document what needs to be done in order to create a release for Exaile.

Step one: Translations

Ensure that the translations from weblate are merged. Generally, this should happen automatically. It’s probably easiest to check via the command line in your repo.

If you haven’t already, add weblate to your git remotes:

$ git remote add weblate git://

Check to see if the weblate repo has the same commits as the exaile repo (assuming that origin is pointing at the main exaile repo).

$ git fetch weblate
$ git fetch origin
$ git log -1 origin/master
$ git log -1 weblate/master

If they’re equivalent, then we’re all set. If not, then figure out what needs to be done to get them merged.

Step two: Version bumping

First, adjust the version in your local working tree to reflect the version you want to make a release for. We should never do releases with -dev in them.

The file to adjust is xl/ You should do a commit, and then tag the release.:

$ git tag -a RELEASE_VERSION

Step three: Build the source distribution

$ make dist

Step four: Build the Windows installer

Install the SDK

You will need to have the SDK installed on your Windows machine. First clone the repo somewhere.

git clone

Next install the SDK by running this from inside the tools/installer directory:


Build the installer

Build the installer by running this command from the tools/installer directory:


Step five: OSX

This does not currently work, so we’re not building releases for OSX at this time.

Final steps

Upload everything to github:

  • Linux: exaile-VERSION.tar.gz + exaile-VERSION.tar.gz.asc
  • Windows: exaile-VERSION.exe + exaile-VERSION.exe.asc
  • OSX: exaile-VERSION.dmg + exaile-VERSION.dmg.asc

Next, close out the milestone (if applicable) on github.

Next, bump the version again. The version in trunk should reflect the upcoming release with a -dev in it.

TODO: Except after a beta/RC? What’s the right transition?

Sending release notices

After a release, we should: